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In this period, Sabanci Foundation continues to move with the principle of "sharing" in mind and contributes to the formation of a modern, productive and creative young generation through its investments especially in the field of education.

With 50 new institutions bestowed to Turkey between the years 1984 and 1993, the total number of institutions that the Foundation has created since its establishment reaches 68 (23 educational institutions, 13 student dormitories, 7 cultural centers, 5 healthcare facilities, 4 teachers' centers, 4 libraries, 4 kindergarten and nurseries, 3 sports facilities and 5 social facilities) in 27 provinces. Meanwhile, the number of scholarships exceeds 16 thousand.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

While the Foundation continues to provide social services, it also becomes a member of world's leading philanthropy platforms such as Council on Foundations (COF) and the European Foundation Centre (EFC) in order to follow closely the philanthropic activities in the world, to take advantage of the international experiences and to share its own experience.

On the other hand, the Foundation plays an active role in the establishment of the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV), which will put extensive efforts in supporting the development of foundation sector and civil society in Turkey.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

Haci Omer Sabanci Dormitory for Girls, a 28-storey building having 1,100-student capacity and one of the highest and most prominent buildings in Ankara with its modern architecture, is one of the important institutions that Sabanci Foundation donated to our country.

With the launch of Haci Omer Sabanci Dormitory for Girls, the Foundation is rewarded by the Ministry of Education before Sadika Sabanci in its 10th year of pride.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

1985 becomes a year that the Foundation accelerates the construction of institutions that will help support the development of Turkey.

The Foundation shows its determination to reach all over Turkey with its helpful hand through Ozdemir Sabanci Indoor Swimming Pool in Çukurova University campus in Adana, Sadika Sabanci Library in Ankara, Sadika Sabanci Carpet Workshop in Artvin and Sabanci Primary School in Bingol.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

Again in 1985, Sabanci Foundation completes the restoration work of the State Art and Sculpture Museum in Ankara.


In 1986, the Foundation continues to provide services all over the country by building many institutions like Sabanci Cultural Centers in Kahramanmaras and Kayseri, Sabanci Primary and Secondary School in Erzurum and Sabanci Orphanage for Girls in Artvin.

With 3 educational institutions, 2 cultural centers, 1 dormitory, 1 library, 1 nursery, and 1 healthcare center that were all constructed and became operational in 1986, the number of institutions commissioned by the Foundation reaches 33 by the end of 1986.

Vecdi Ozgul is appointed as the General Manager of the Foundation in 1986.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

Sabanci Foundation's support to education is appreciated at the highest level and rewarded with a certificate by the President of the Republic of Turkey.

During the year, with construction and commissioning of an elementary school, a high school and a cultural center; Batman, Edirne and Sivas join the list of provinces which the Foundation has reached through its philanthropic activities.

The Foundation becomes a member of the Council on Foundations (COF), which was established in Washington in 1949 and has more than 1,700 member foundations and institutions.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

In 1988, the Foundation is honored with the "Foundation of the Year" award by Directorate General of Foundations of the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey.

With the investments completed in five provinces including Bolu and Hakkari, in which the Foundation invests for the first time; 10 institutions are commissioned in 1988, raising the total number of institutions to 46. By the end of 1988, 17 thousand students study in schools and 3 thousand students stay in dormitories and over 50 thousand people per month use the libraries built by the Foundation.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

Meanwhile, the number of students receiving scholarships from the Foundation grows rapidly; in the 1987-1988 academic year, the Foundation provides scholarships to 1,200 students.


In the 15th year of its establishment, the number of institutions built by the Foundation all over Turkey reaches 49 and the number of students provided with scholarships reaches 1,300 annually.

In 1989 the Foundation maintains its strong support to the education, especially to education of girls through student dormitories and orphanages that were put into service in Bitlis, Erzincan and Sanliurfa.

The Chairman of the Foundation Haci Sabanci is honored with "doctor honoris causa" by Cukurova University because of his services that set an example to other institutions by building educational, sports, cultural and healthcare facilities for young people.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

Hayirli Sabanci School of Foreign Languages, which makes a major contribution to the quality of education in Çukurova University, and Sabanci Student Dormitory, the first institution of the Foundation built in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, are put into service.

Also in this year, new institutions, such as Sabanci Technical and Vocational High School for Girls in Sanliurfa, Sabanci Cultural Center in Malatya and Yuksel Sabanci Art Center in Yildiz Technical University, were added to the institutions built and put into service by the Foundation across the country.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

Sabanci Foundation, remembering the people in need of care and protection, builds Sadika Sabanci Multipurpose Hall in Darulaceze (shelter for older people) and offers it to the service of its residents. Also in this year, with the construction of Sabanci Dormitory for Girls, Yozgat becomes one of the provinces the Foundation delivers services to. In Istanbul, the construction of Ozdemir Sabanci Gymnasium is completed and put into service.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

Sabanci Foundation becomes a member of European Foundation Center (EFC), which aims to create supportive legal and financial environments for foundations in Europe, to strengthen infrastructure of the third sector, and to build bridges and foster partnerships between foundations and other actors in the sector. 


In order to meet the recreational, social, educational and cultural needs of the members of the police force who protect the public order and lives, property and fundamental rights of citizens with great dedication, Sabanci Foundation puts into service the Sabanci Police Social Facilities in Beylerbeyi, Istanbul.

The tradition to generate institutions everywhere in Turkey continues in 1992 with Sabanci Teachers' Center in Manisa and Sabanci Child Care Center in Ordu.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

As the first research center founded in Turkey in its respective field, Sabanci Gynecological Oncology Department in Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine becomes operational.

With 6 new institutions commissioned during the year, the total number of institutions built and put into operation by the Foundation reaches 68 in 35 locations all over Turkey. This year, Kirsehir and Mugla join the list of provinces that the Foundation delivers services in with Sabanci Teachers' Center in Kirsehir and Marmaris Sabanci Anatolian High School in Mugla.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

Sabanci Foundation plays an active role in the establishment of Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV) and becomes a member of the Foundation's Board of Directors.

Erbay Fis is appointed as the General Manager of the Foundation in 1993 and holds the same position until 2006.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years