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Haci Omer Sabanci Foundation (abbreviated as Sabanci Foundation) is established on March 22, 1974 by Sabanci brothers, led by late Sakip Sabanci, with an aim to institutionalize the Family's philanthropic tradition.

As also expressed by Sadika Sabanci, her sons demonstrate with their efforts that they are following the footsteps of their father Haci Omer as they provide support to society in fundamental issues such as education and healthcare. Mother Sadika supports this initiative by donating all of her personal wealth, which consists of houses, farms, land and equities in many companies amounting to a total of 25 million TL, the largest donation ever made until that day in the history of the country.

Mother Sadika's donation of her entire wealth without hesitation not only serves as a financial basis for the Foundation, but also gives great spiritual power to Sabanci brothers in "this social service race", as stated by Sakip Sabanci. This endowment, which was used to source scholarships of thousands of poor children in Adana at first place, at the same time sparks a philanthropy movement that would soon embrace entire Turkey.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

As a result of this donation, made by Sadika Sabanci with great excitement, happiness and peace, she is to be honored as the "Mother of the Year" in 1974.

Haci Sabanci assumes the position of the Chairmanship of the Board of Trustees of Sabanci Foundation for 24 years starting from its establishment. He spends significant efforts to convey the power of Sabanci Group, earned in the economy and industrial arena, to the social arena. Kamil Yesilpinar becomes the first General Manager of the Foundation and holds this position for 12 years.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

While planning the activities of the Foundation, some priorities are determined in accordance with the principles of the Sabanci Family.

The Foundation's first term strategy is shaped around giving scholarships to young people in financial need, building dormitories for girls who do not have adequate education facilities and giving emphasis to vocational and technical schools which have critical importance for the development of the country.

Projects and investments towards the inclusion of persons with disabilities into social life are among the main areas of emphasis since the establishment of the Foundation.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

As the "education" being the Foundation's main focus, a significant part of Sabanci Foundation's early activities is devoted to creating modern educational facilities.

During the first 10-year period, the Foundation continues its philanthropy work just with the Sabanci Family's financial support and puts into service of society 15 institutions in 6 provinces of Turkey, namely Adana, Kayseri, Istanbul, Van, Izmir and Mersin.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years

The names of family members are given to some of the institutions built in this period, consisting of 7 educational institutions, 3 dormitories, 2 medical facilities, 1 cultural center, 1 library and 1 sports facility. Among these institutions are Haci Omer Sabanci Cultural Center, Sadika Sabanci Religious Vocational High School Dormitory, Haci Sabanci Dormitory for Girls, Ihsan Sabanci Technical and Vocational High School for Girls in Adana; Sakip Sabanci Anatolian High School, Ozdemir Sabanci Emirgan Anatolian High School, Erol Sabanci Spastic Children Center and Sevket Sabanci High School in Istanbul.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years