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Everything started with individual philanthropy initiatives of the Sabanci Family... With the establishment of the Foundation, to which Sadika Sabanci donated all of her personal wealth 40 years ago, a great value has been added to the heritage of "sharing what was earned is the noblest virtue". The flag of philanthropy passed from hand to hand, from heart to heart and brought us to date.

Adopting the life philosophy of the late Haci Omer Sabanci, the principle of "Sharing what we have obtained from this land with its people..." and growing in a family environment in which "sharing what was earned" was the noblest virtue, Sabanci brothers built their future around these principles and set up the Haci Omer Sabanci Foundation (Sabanci Foundation) in 1974 in an attempt to institutionalize their philanthropic activities. They received the greatest support from their mother, late Sadika Sabanci, who donated all of her personal wealth to the Foundation.

Sabanci Foundation's mission is "to promote social development and social awareness among current and future generations by supporting initiatives that create impact and lasting change in people's lives".

Sabanci Foundation started its philanthropic activities by building two primary schools in Adana province. Subsequently, the race to serve the country has continued by building other institutions, organizing activities and providing scholarships and awards in the fields of healthcare, culture and sports, along with education.

Sabanci Foundation | 40 Years